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Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay in Orange County?

René “Boxer” Enriquez was a high level Mexican Mafia crime figure. His life was based on intimidation, murder, drug sales and evil. Boxer was a made member of the Mexican Mafia. What’s a made member you ask? It’s somebody who has killed for the Mexican Mafia and is such a trusted comrade that he proudly wears the black hand tattoo.

Sentenced to life in prison for murder and other crimes which he committed on behalf of the Mexican Mafia, he never expected to see the light of day. However, after numerous attempts on his life by other Mexican Mafia gang members, he left Pelican Bay in a helicopter escorted by the FBI and other law-enforcement agents.

What was his destination? It was a new life as a consultant on the government payroll earning thousands of dollars as an informant and an expert witness against his former brothers in the Mexican Mafia. All this while in protective custody housed in a federal prison for a California life sentence. He now writes books, lectures college students and even attends benefit lunches escorted by law-enforcement. In his spare time he testifies as an expert witness for the government in a variety of prosecutions.

Now his freedom rests in the hands of the governor. He is up for parole. In fact, the parole board has chosen to look the other way when it comes to his history of murder, extortion, drug sales, sodomizing a young girl and untold murders which he refuses to discuss. All this consideration from the parole board because he has been a paid informant and expert for the government. Multiple law-enforcement agencies have sung his praises in support of his release back into our community.

You might ask why is a criminal defense lawyer against the release of this killer? Isn’t that what a defense lawyer does, talk of redemption and ask for a second chance?

Being a snitch is not something that shows contrition. 20 years in prison living a life of relative luxury and testifying to further his own chance for parole is not redemption. Refusing to admit all whom he murdered and who he participated in those murders with, and taking the fifth when asked about them does not establish by any means a changed man. It shows that he continues to manipulate the system and those around him.

If the Governor really believes that he should be released then I propose that Boxer move into his neighborhood. If he has that level of confidence in the rehabilitation of Renè “Boxer” Enriquez, let him out.

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