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Undercover Officer Goes Under the Covers In Orange County, CA

In an effort to stamp out crime, the undercover officer entered the business slowly, looking around for any sign of the criminal activity. He thoughtfully removed a $100 bill and gave it to the suspect. He was directed into the darkness of the back room. Slowly, ever so slowly, he removed every piece of clothing that he had on. Then, all in the line of duty, he laid down on the table, not knowing what to expect next. The suspect came in ready to give him his money’s worth.

The suspect firmly and then with ever increasing pressure massaged the officers not so supple body. After what seemed like an eternity, the officer, who of course now was completely and fully engaged, asked for what he had come for. Will you give me sex? He questioned the suspect again and again. She, not wanting to do anything other then make an honest living, was taken aback. Repeatedly she refused, offering only a legitimate massage.

The officer, feeling unsatisfied, gave the secret arrest signal anyway.
The undercover officer’s colleagues were outside listening in. The police burst in the door and arrested the suspect, accusing her of violating Penal Code section 647(b) (prostitution). She denied all, claiming she was innocent. She demanded that she be set free.

Not to worry, she thought, I didn’t do anything wrong. She hired a lawyer. The lawyer demanded the audio recording, secretly taped while the officer was getting his taxpayer paid for massage, knowing it would prove his client’s innocence.

Shockingly, the audio recording of the encounter didn’t work. Now it was just the officers’ word against the suspect’s.

Who are you going to believe? Stay tuned for the results of the trial.

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