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Suspicious the Police Used Excessive Force?

Feel like a cop roughed you up or is lying in his police report? Contrary to popular belief, not every person who is arrested is a liar, and sometimes they’re telling the truth when they tell people the cops beat them up or are lying about what happened. That’s not to say that all cops are bad apples, but some certainly do less than their best in serving the public.

In California, a well-trained criminal defense attorney would know to file a Pitchess motion. A Pitchess motion (named after a landmark California case) is where an attorney asks the local police agency to give them any recent records that a cop may have used excessive force or been reported for lying. Such evidence can be absolutely crucial in establishing that you aren’t just making everything up, and also in making sure a jury knows that just because someone is a cop, they are not an angel! Make sure you hire a criminal defense attorney who is in court every day and is well acquainted with the nuances of criminal defense law. Only that kind of attorney can be counted on to remember all of your rights when you need them most!

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