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How To Get Your Property Back in Orange County, CA

Are you trying to get your belongings back after the police took them away? It’s an all too common situation to be in. The police have taken you into custody or searched your house. After tearing through your stuff they decide to keep certain things that are valuable to you and probably don’t have much to do with why they’re there. Well, just because they have taken your belongings the police don’t have the right to keep them! Even if you’ve been arrested or the police had a search warrant, an experienced defense attorney has a good chance of getting your property back for you.

Penal Code §1536 commands the police to keep anything they take from you in their custody. They can’t just dump it off at an auction or say they “lost it”! §1536 also says that the court can order the police to release your belongings back to you at their discretion! An inexperienced attorney may not know that the law entitles you to get your possessions back. An experienced attorney can write a §1536 Motion to Return Property and get the judge to order your property returned to you.

This is just another reason why it’s very important to have the right attorney helping you at all times to make sure your rights and your property are respected.

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