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How much Emotional Involvement Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Have With His Clients?

A good criminal defense attorney connects with his clients on more than one level. There is the objective analysis of the facts that must be done without regard to emotions. In order to evaluate a case properly, a good attorney needs to look dispassionately at all the facts and circumstances involved. He needs to know the law and how the facts fit into the law. He also needs to know exactly what the prosecutor has to prove in order to win, which is why being a former prosecutor can big a big advantage.

In establishing the facts and circumstances of the alleged crime, the attorney also must establish a relationship with the client and the client’s family. This is where the emotional involvement comes into play. The case is made up of more than just facts. It is made up of a human being with all that entails. A good attorney needs to care about his client. He worries about the client as a person. He has concerns about more than just getting the client “off”. In almost every crime there is an underlying problem and the lawyer worries about his client getting well.

If substance abuse is involved, the lawyer worries about the client obtaining treatment and getting well. If the client is going to jail, what is going to happen to his family while he is away? How will he pay his fines? His bills?

In cases of domestic violence, often a restraining order is issued. How will the client cope with the loss of his family? Things are rarely as clear cut or black and white as they appear on paper. It’s the attorney’s job to not only get his client the best legal result possible but the best life result.

Juvenile cases often offer the most hope for having a positive impact on the client’s life. Depending on the individual circumstances the goal is to help the minor turn his life around at an early stage. It can be incredibly satisfying to feel that the lawyer has really helped the client on multiple levels.

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